Our Purpose

We exist so landlords can succeed!

The Australian Landlord Institute (ALI) passionately supports property investors in managing their rental properties effectively.

By sharing our expertise, we aim to keep landlords and tenants well informed and educated so they have the ability to manage their own properties just like, if not better than what a Real Estate Agent would.

Let’s face it - no one cares more about your property than yourself!

We are Investors ourselves so we understand you. We are also Professional Real Estate Agents specialising in Property Management and Maintenance.

We know the secrets to Successful Property Management. This is by maintaining your property in a way so that you attract and retain great tenants who treat your property like it was their own, they want to stay for a long time, and are happy to pay premium rents. This enables you to tap into higher, more sustainable and more consistent returns.

At ALI, we strive to make your entire experience a complete breeze and the best financial results possible for your investment.

Our Values


We are an independent body run by landlords for landlords. Every decision we make is in the best interests of our members.


We value our members and strive to provide excellent customer service.


We build strong relationships with landlords and assist them in forming strong relationships with their tenants. We believe all parties are equal, should be respected and play an important role in property management.


We keep up with the latest technologies to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency to save our members time and money.


We aim to make the world a better place to live and believe this starts by creating amazing environments for our tenants to thrive not just survive, and in turn enable your properties to deliver consistent returns.